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Sync Search Digital – Synchronized Marketing Strategies with Kathy Litt

Digital Marketing StrategistKathy has been practicing Digital Marketing for over 16 years. Kathy began her Digital Marketing career when Google was just out of Beta, Blog was an unusual 4 letter word, Facebook was a start-up, and Search Engine Marketing guru’s coined the phrase “Social Media Marketing”. The depth of this knowledge and years of experience brings rich and thorough engagement to all her marketing projects.

In her experience, she has learned that marketing works best when in synchronicity. Marketing channels that operate as individual silos can become disconnected. That’s where the¬†phrase “Synchronized Marketing” and Sync Search Digital is rooted. Sync’ing Search and all Digital together creates a well rounded successful marketing strategy.

Kathy enjoys helping businesses grow, develop brand awareness, manage community relations, and strengthen customer loyalty. Although she once had a hand in helping some very large brands along the way, Kathy finds the rewards of helping small local businesses a personable and enjoyable partnership.

Sync Search Digital looks forward to helping your business find success with online Digital Marketing strategies!


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