Be In The Moment – The Micro Moment

In today’s Google AdWords livestream, Jerry Dischler, announced the next generation of AdWords innovations. His focus was on Google’s new theme of “micro moments”. These moments are what we all do every day on our smartphones, to our laptops, to our tablets. We have moments of “I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy…”. Google is calling these micro moments. Google wants to help businesses be there for those moments, and help consumers take action and drive action. Dischelr explains that Google is based on intent and immediacy, and wants to build the tools and insights that we all need “to be in those moments”.

If you want to see the micro details of these micro moment tools that will be released today and throughout this year, you can read the Google AdWords post, Building for the next moment. You can find even more details and links to all these recent recent updates on the Google AdWords blog homepage.

There are SO MANY updates, that it would be too easy to mis-represent tiny details, so I will highlight a few of my favorites below.

Mobile image ads for the automotive industry
When searching on a mobile device, searchers can now see images of cars in the ads. Automotive industry AdWords advertisers will have the option to create an image ad for mobile search. The announcement states this is for the auto industry and car dealerships as of today, but as with everything Google, it could likely expand. If successful, we can hope and watch for it to be available to other industries.

Financial industry comparison tools
There’s a lot of new options here, so financial industry businesses and advertisers have lots to look forward to! Consumers can compare products and companies side by side.
Car insurance seems to be the beta test industry. Consumers can see rates and and ratings. They can connect to local agents. It is rolled out to only four states now and I see there are only a few insurance companies participating. Hopefully this will expand into more companies, states, etc… allowing the playing field and options to be more available.
The compare tool is also available for banks, financial institutions and the mortgage industry.

Shopping Campaigns for improved shopping experience and advertising
More details on this can be found at Google Shopping Campaigns
In addition to shopping experiences, there are improvements to in-stream video ads, app install ads, and store visits insights.

New Display, Analytics and Dynamic Search Ads
All the updates in these areas get into the finer detaials of what we like to see as advertisers.
One of my favorites are the improvements to attribution model conversion tracking and metrics within AdWords. We can now better track and optimize conversion tracking and keywords based on which models convert better.
For example, a person may conduct several keyword searches to find exactly what they need. We see one phrase convert, but did they search on several phrases? And what search phrase contributed to the conversion the most? We dont often see the keyword “new cars” convert, but instead “new blue honda crv” convert. But we have assumptions that the same person began their search journey with “new cars” and this lead to their narrowed in specific search, “new blue honda crv”. With improved attribution models for conversions, we will not assume, but know for sure what broader terms assisted with the long-tail specific term’s conversions.


Well, I am excited to get going on “sync search” improvements to my client’s campaigns and analytics! And in turn, improving the micro-moments for customers so the information reaches them more quickly and accurately. Leading to … more happy micro moments … and more conversions!