Google My Business – Merging Google Places & Google+

Google My Business – The Merging of Google Places & Google Plus – Where to Find Answers to Your Questions

Google has again added one more business product to its lineup. We now have Google My Business. Over the past couple years, Google has been making major changes to Google Places, and Google+ for Business. These changes have cause a lot of confusion for business owners and Marketers alike.

It appears that Google My Business is an attempt at solving the issues, merging these accounts, and bringing all your Google accounts and business information into one place. Google has developed a Google My Business help section to answer major questions.

However, for those of us who have been knee deep in all the changing issues of merged accounts and more over the past two years, there are many questions to be answered. One question I have is how will this integrate into Google AdWords? Until now, a Google Places account was needed to work with AdWords. Also, it was very confusing where you would make changes to reflect in each of your accounts. I will have a follow up post as I learn more about the merge.

I have found that the best place to find answers to questions about these Google products is through Google+. There was a Google+ Hangout about Google My Business. Searching Google+ for answers and using the Google+ Communities are great for finding answers to any burning question about Google products.