Google+ Vanity URL

10/30/13 Update: On October 30th, Google rolled out another batch of vanity URL’s offering them to many or all individuals and companies. Sync’s new URL is –

Its finally here! Ive been waiting for this day for a long time! Google+ page vanity URL’s are now beginning (or have begun) to roll out. I know this may not be quite real time breaking news, but for me and my clients, its great news!

If you have been anything like me, searching and searching for more information about how to set up your Google+ page vanity URL, only to end up in blank forum discussions and no information, then you understand the joy of getting an email from Google one day “Here is your custom URL”.

I found out about the roll out when one of my clients received an email from Google, stating they could now claim their Google+ vanity URL and provided a suggestion. Here is what their new Google+ page URL now looks like –

As usual, Google is starting with their medium and large brands. Typically, I believe they do this to protect the brand’s identity and trademarked brand names. I think it’s great and a respectful move by Google Plus, if this is one of the reasons.

Google also provided a link with more information about the Google Custom URL’s (as they are calling them). There are lots of great tips here on how to use the URL for marketing, what to do if you want to change the URL and more… Instead of repeating it all here, I suggest going to the Custom URL link above and reading more about the new Google+ shorter custom URL’s.