Holiday Season Marketing

Holiday Season Marketing

Start Planning For Holiday Marketing

It’s GO time for Holiday Marketing. Start making your Holiday Marketing plans now and be ready to launch by the end of October. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, and many other holidays will be here soon. People are starting to think about their gifts, travel plans, meal planning, hairstyle, outfits, home improvements, and more starting in October.

For many years, and in many businesses, we have observed the traffic spike. Beginning in late October, and going through November the holiday shopping is high time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest peaks.

Around mid-December, the mountains turn into foothills for many online businesses. About mid-December, people get ready to travel, wrap gifts, and clean the house.

There are some who still hit the pavement in search of last minute gifts. That’s when foot traffic increases to local stores. Bookstores, big box stores and local shops continue to see an increase in sales. Make sure people can find your business… on their mobile phones!

People will want creative ideas too, and something special for that special someone. For example, for those who say they don’t need anything could probably use some yard help in the spring. Get them a gift card to the best MN Lawn Care Experts!

Maybe your services or products don’t meet the holiday shopping standards, and they are seasonal and people should be thinking about what you offer before it’s too late; new snow tires, a new hair style for the holiday parties.

Get creative and think of offers and products that you could be marketing to people during the holiday season.

Marketing Ideas:
Create a marketing calendar of when you will promote what and how
Optimize website landing pages with special offers
Spruce up the website home page with images, links, sliders
Create new Google and Bing Ad campaigns
Start running Banner Ads and ReMarketing
Get those Shopping Campaigns decorated in updates
Add and update your Local SEO and Marketing features
Increased frequency in social media posts
Create Social Media images with holiday designs
Segment and plan your Email Marketing tactics
And more…

Google has marketing tips for the Holiday traffic increase.  They are also forecasting, “61% of shoppers will start researching their holiday purchases before Thanksgiving weekend. Planning soon for the season’s increased shopping demand can help you win more customers over this critical time period.” ~ Google

Let the Holiday Fun begin!