Local SEO – Small Business Search Engine Marketing

If you wanted to find a restaurant, a hair salon, a dentist, a pet store, what is the first things you do?

You search …
Your favorite social media engine
The 800 page (pound?) phone book
The map on your phone
The Google search engine
The Bing search engine
Your mom’s recommendation
A friend’s recommendation

Most likely, your top response is the map on your phone and/or the Bing Google search engines. Because, let’s face it, the phone book makes a better weight for pressing leaves. And then, you probably also ask your friends and family for advice as well.

When your customers search their favorite search engine for your products or services, don’t you want to appear at the top? Maybe they need to be reminded of your address or phone number. Either way, it’s important for your listing to appear strong, at the top and with all the correct information.local seo

Search Engines have changed drastically over the past few years. Search results presented to us are greatly based on our personal search history and our locations. For a business to appear #1 in the search results, for one keyword, in every US state and city is nowadays a more complicated SEO topic and goal…

It’s now imperative for a local business to have Local SEO  Local Search Engine Optimization & Marketing.

The most important Local SEO piece to set up ASAP is a Google+ page and a Bing Places page. (There is a Google listing called Google Places. However, after a very long phone call with a Google Places representative, I learned that Google Places is going away and in fact, any changes you now make to your Places page, will not be reflected in your Google+ page. All Google+ Local listings are driven by the Google+ Local page only. What does this mean for a GoogleAdWords/Places sync, I’ll have to post when I know more!))

Second, utilize the MOZ Local tool which will pull together all your local listings on review websites and search engines across the inter-web. This is an incredibly handy tool for local businesses. With this tool, you can more easily claim your listings, complete all your profile set-ups, fix naming conventions and address/phone number issues, and get listed correctly. Then, you can respond to reviews and find ways to display reviews on your website. The tool Get5Stars is useful in asking for reviews and displaying them as testimonials on your website.

Lastly, get some paid placement ads running during your peak season!

But for real… Lastly. There are so many more important pieces to Local SEO and for a local business, seeking local customers, to complete and get running.

Make a great impression in the search engines and get listed locally today!