Mobile Search is Picking Up Speed

Google is ramping up for another big shift towards the mobile-first world. For the past few years Google has “Gone Mobile”. 2015’s Mobilegeddon was the beginning of this big push. In the past few months, Google is again wanting us to get our ads and websites up to speed. Speed is the key – word!

Mobile searching has climbed exponentially each year. This year, we started to really see the big shift in client conversions on mobile over desktop computers. Since websites must conform to the new HTML5 usability, we are making it easier to search the web and websites for information we seek, and convert faster.

Here are some of the big changes happening now. These are having a major impact on website programming and usability as well as search engine results. Information is even more quickly available to us via the search results pages. And Google is again stating, websites that are optimized for mobile will continue to get priority in mobile and desktop searches.

Google Organic

Rich Snippets – Richer search results with structured data (content) markup
Not so new to the website programming and search world, but Google is starting to make it a higher priority in search results. For rich search results, add content markup and authority data to your website. Content markup includes rich snippets and rich cards that present information right in the Google search results such as flights, lists, holidays, recipes, articles, or videos. Super cool! A new data markup has emerged called Science Datasets for science and government data-centric websites.

Authority Data – Let Google know you exist, you are real, and you are strong
Authority data is pulled from Google My Business and Google Search Console. Information you provide from Google My Business and Google Search Console is authoritative for your business. This includes ownership of an official site/store, your location, address, phone number and other contact info, business type, and photos.

Firebase App Indexing – Apps get indexed faster
In the not so distant future, having an App is going to be essential to business survival. An Android App would be the best start. With Firebase App Indexing, if your Android app is already installed when users search for related content, they will launch your app directly from Search results. If users don’t have your app yet, an install card shows up in Search results.

AMP HTML – AMP your mobile pages
Build web pages for static content that renders fast. 53% of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less (Google Research).

Google AdWords

Expanded Text Ads
These are the next generation of text ads. In the mobile-first world, these ads provide the advertiser more control of their ad messages, and the user with more relevant information to their searches, more quickly.

Another way Google is helping us get information fast, search for “who’s on my ballot”. And Google will help you make your best educated vote…

In these changing times, it’s important to keep up to speed and up to date on all the new features Google will prioritize when deciding who to rank for that big keyword search!