Remarketing Frequency & Display

Do you browse the web and get bombarded by ads appearing too frequently for your taste? That’s when a marketer does not assign a frequency cap on how many times an ad will display to one person. Protect your brand from these negative impressions. Control the number of times you are displaying ads to the right people at the right times.

Here are tips for re-marketing and display strategies that will help you protect and promote your brand:

Frequency of Ad Impressions

Frequency capping can protect your brand. Marketers often create remarketing and display campaigns that have no cap on how often an ad is displayed to one person.

This is called ad frequency. Marketers have the option to cap the frequency at which one person sees an ad.

Here is how to change the frequency setting in Google AdWords. Go to: Campaign settings – advanced settings – ad delivery – frequency capping. It is recommended to set the cap at 25 impressions per campaign per person per month.

This cap is especially good if you are buying by impressions (CPM) on another platform. Setting a frequency cap in this instance will ensure that you are not paying for one person to see hundreds of impressions.

Repeat Loyal Customers or Non Repeaters

You can reach out to loyal customers with remarketing. This is a great way to create a loyalty remarketing campaign. Here, you could create a list of people who reached the final purchase page, or end of the shopping cart and converted. Depending on your repeat buying cycle, you would serve them an ad again, and even narrow in on customers by product conversions, serving them specific ads for products they purchased. You may want to also serve them a sweepstakes or promotion ad the second time around.

On the flip-side, you may not want to show an ad to people who have purchased, or at least not for the meantime, until the repeat purchase cycle returns. Again, use this same list of converters, and add them as a negative audience list.

Create & Display Multiple Ads

Creating multiple ads will change it up a bit for the potential customer. You could run ads in multiple sizes with different designs, and even different promotions. The change in look and offer will not only give them a new impression of your company, brand or special offer, it might intrigue them further to click and convert.


When creating a remarketing campaign, it’s a good idea to have a strategy in mind so customers are not bothered by your ads. Remarketing can bring terrific results when set up with strategic concepts and foresight.