Mobile-First Indexing

Google Goes Mobile-First July 1st

Over the past 5 years, we’ve heard mobile search is on the rise. In the past 2 years, we saw a major shift in client’s paid search campaigns. These campaigns saw a majority of clicks happening on mobile devices. Therefore, it has become more and more important to have mobile optimized paid ads, click to call ads and now, most importantly, a website optimized for mobile devices.

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Holiday Season Marketing

Start Planning For Holiday Marketing

It’s GO time for Holiday Marketing. Start making your Holiday Marketing plans now and be ready to launch by the end of October. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, and many other holidays will be here soon. People are starting to think about their gifts, travel plans, meal planning, hairstyle, outfits, home improvements, and more starting in October.

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Re-Branding SEO & SEM Considerations

Re-Branding – An SEO & SEM Checklist

Is your company going through a re-branding journey? Here is a handy list of Search Engine Marketing (SEM & SEO) considerations for re-branding. These tips only cover Search Engine considerations. There are many other checklists to cover like designs, logos, etc… This checklist should complement your other re-branding checklists.

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Mobile Search is Picking Up Speed

Google is ramping up for another big shift towards the mobile-first world. For the past few years Google has “Gone Mobile”. 2015’s Mobilegeddon was the beginning of this big push. In the past few months, Google is again wanting us to get our ads and websites up to speed. Speed is the key – word!

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Setting Up A Google Account Correctly

When a marketing agency takes on a new client, they are often presented with the mission of creating Google marketing programs and a Google account for the client. At Sync Search Digital, one of our specialties is Google products and marketing programs. Google has a plethora of programs for businesses.

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Be In The Moment – The Micro Moment

In today’s Google AdWords livestream, Jerry Dischler, announced the next generation of AdWords innovations. His focus was on Google’s new theme of “micro moments”. These moments are what we all do every day on our smartphones, to our laptops, to our tablets. We have moments of “I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy…”. Google is calling these micro moments. Google wants to help businesses be there for those moments, and help consumers take action and drive action. Dischelr explains that Google is based on intent and immediacy, and wants to build the tools and insights that we all need “to be in those moments”.

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Google Structured Data: Web Components and JSON-LD

Minneapolis events calendar

How To Find Information Easier In Google & How To Make It Easier For People To Find Information In Google

More recently, Google has been working on a lot of big changes with structured data and custom elements. You might ask, what is structured data? Simply put, it’s information you want to know and visualize, in a structure, like a timeline or in a series. And it’s useful information that you want to display on your website pages to your customers or followers.

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Google My Business – Merging Google Places & Google+

Google My Business – The Merging of Google Places & Google Plus – Where to Find Answers to Your Questions

Google has again added one more business product to its lineup. We now have Google My Business. Over the past couple years, Google has been making major changes to Google Places, and Google+ for Business. These changes have cause a lot of confusion for business owners and Marketers alike.

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Local SEO – Small Business Search Engine Marketing

If you wanted to find a restaurant, a hair salon, a dentist, a pet store, what is the first things you do?

You search …
Your favorite social media engine
The 800 page (pound?) phone book
The map on your phone
The Google search engine
The Bing search engine
Your mom’s recommendation
A friend’s recommendation

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SEO – Search Engine Marketing – Simply Put

What is SEO? What is Search Engine Marketing?

This is a question I often hear from business owners as well as friends and family.  I always find it a bit of a “chicken and the egg” conundrum, but at the same time, very simple. Who comes first? You, the searcher, or the search engine marketer?

Search engine searching is something people do every day, in so many different ways. People search their phone, or a map or a social media website, for something or someone.

People are searching for news, definitions, information, services, pizza places, restaurants, lawn mowing. And then they are searching for things to buy like new shoes and a swim suite.

Every day, everyone is searching in Google, Bing, You Tube, etc. for something. So really, everyone who uses a search engine knows of Search Engine Marketing. If you get frustrated that you cannot find a local business listing on your phone, then you should say to the business ‘Get a Search Engine Marketer”.

I think of my job as a Search Engine Marketer, to be the person who helps the client get into the search engine in any and all verticals – search, news, maps, social, etc…

Simply put: I connect you to a business. I connect a business to you on your phone or on the web. I am a Search Engine Marketer.

How do Search Engine Marketers do this? Stay tuned for more details on how it all works…

Happy searching!