Setting Up A Google Account Correctly

When a marketing agency takes on a new client, they are often presented with the mission of creating Google marketing programs and a Google account for the client. At Sync Search Digital, one of our specialties is Google products and marketing programs. Google has a plethora of programs for businesses.

Here are some of the most widely used and needed programs that we help client’s manage at Sync Search:Google Logo

  • Google Analytics – A reporting tool linking to a website and several marketing programs (social, advertising, SEO, etc…) to provide website health and digital marketing stats.
  • Google AdWords – An advertising tool for paid Google search placement ads and display ads. In addition, mobile search ads.
  • Google My Business – The single most powerful tool for a local business to create, manage and keep updated today! Once called Google+ for Business, a social media marketing channel that is for more than just social media posting…
  • Google Search Console – It’s the OZ of SEO, the great OZ. There is also a Bing webmaster tools. It reports on website health, SEO stats, and also a place to control and manage how a website appears in the search engines.
  • YouTube – The best source for cat videos! Creating videos are an important piece of a great SEO (Search Engine Marketing) strategy.

The best way to manage any number of these new Google products (so that they are working in Sync) is to set them up under one new Google account, a new Gmail address and a new login.

Here are the benefits to a business when they are set up under their very own new Google account:

  • The number one reason, the client owns their own Google account! The client will own everything the agency builds, creates and develops. The client has ownership of who becomes an Admin, and more.
  • There are some agencies who feel the need to keep full ownership, and will charge a fee for it to be released to the client. At Sync Search, we build and create new accounts, programs and campaigns for clients to own.
  • Starting a Google My Business page is virtually impossible without it being owned by the business (hence, best for client to own their Google account). And once you create that, the YouTube page must be tied to that Google My Business page and so on…
  • When a business has an independent Google account for all Google marketing products, then Google products can work in Sync. This in turn will improve the client’s SEO (Search Engine Marketing).
  • A separate email will also allow the client to manage their marketing emails independent from all other emails. Ideally, the agency would be allowed to log into this email and Google account and manage settings. That is why it needs to be a shaerable “public” account, and a new Gmail and Google account is most highly recommended.
  • Allowing the agency full rights to log into the Google account (shareable “public” account) saves everyone a world of time and headaches. The agency can manage settings, link accounts, set up admins, manage marketing programs, protect accounts, and make it all go!
  • One of the best initial steps an agency should also take is to make themselves an Admin, who can now manage the client’s account from their central agency Google Account Management System.
  • If a client (or agency) needs to assign others Admin rights to manage any of the products, it’s simple and easy and no one has to be dragged away to the desert of hundreds of misinterpreted emails, “You want me to change what, where, how?” because the hired agency does not have access.
  • Also, there is always the chance that a client disengages from an agency (and yes, an agency can also let a client go for various reasons). When this happens, each party can separate amicably, without the headache of hundreds of emails and phone calls and conversations to transfer ownership.
  • When ownership can’t be transferred because the agency set up the accounts under their lock and hidden key account, the client loses years of work, data, reporting, reviews, posts, etc… and has to begin all over again.

Sync Search is dedicated to making everything Sync properly, to create a great Search experience. We are focused on finding solutions for the client and making everyone’s lives easier, even for the prospective customers. Afterall, digital solutions are just that… solutions that Sync in Search for our Digital world.

Get started with your Google products for your business. Contact Sync Search Digital today to find out where to begin!