Sync Marketing

Sync Search Marketing Theory

A Digital Marketing strategy should work in synchronicity with online and offline marketing. It can involve multiple channels (multi-channel marketing), reaching customers in all their purchase funnel phases, positioning those channels to work in cohesion, and leading customers to your door.

Multi-channel marketing is about reaching your customers in different channels. But take that to another level, and make them all work together, in sync. This is called cross-channel marketing. You are now reaching customers in all marketing channels with a consistent message, at the right time and in synchronicity.

This applies to online and offline channels. If the print team is creating flyers or billboards, the online team should be creating ads and content to be found when the customer puts down the flyer and turns to the internet. The offline team may provide valuable information that directs the customer to a web page. A customer may receive an email, or mailer, start to look on the internet, talk to friends, research, shop around and visit review websites or social media channels before buying. Make sure they can find your billboard message or URL when they search Google.

Internet Marketing has it’s own set of synchronized marketing strategies. A Blog should be optimized to work with the website. Social Media posts need keywords and SEO. Google has its own set of products that are essential, and PPC can get ahead of the competition with a Google+ page. All these channels should be linked, merged and synchronized.

Customers today interact with brands and products in multiple ways. They may even have their phone, computer and TV going all at once. Multi-tasking is now ingrained into human behavior, so cross-channel marketing is essential to a synchronized multi-channel marketing strategy.

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