Engagement Marketing

Brand Bonding – Creating Customer Relationships

We have reached a more social atmosphere, an environment where people want a social, personal connection to everything, even their purchases. They want trust, loyalty and dependability in brands and products. Consumers want what others have to keep in the circle. Creating a relationship between your customers and your brands can be a powerful marketing strategy.

Today, shoppers are savvy. They have tools, channels, friends and many places to find products at different prices, quality and manufacturers. This is why a key marketing tactic has become brands bonding with customers, engagement marketing.

Create a social experience for the customer. First, get to know your customer. Become virtual friends with your customer. Look at demographics; how old are they, are they male or female, are they married, do they have kids, where do they shop, what are their trends? Then begin engaging conversations and connections through online marketing channels.

With so many brands, products and prices to choose from, the more social customer today wants the same things they want in their relationships; trust, value, understanding and a voice. They want to feel connected. Find your customer, present them with solutions, and they will naturally find you.

Household brands did it right a long time ago. They created long term relationships that made their customers lives feel safe and sound. Go back to those marketing strategies and create brand bonding, a household name. Create product marketing that builds relationships.